Corporate Design for a young winemaker in Carcassone – France.

Related to practice we realized a Redesign for the wine-label for the „Domaine de Cazaban“. Clément Mengus invited us to his place showing us his work and life around the domaine. The result of this inspiring week was a revised identification mark and other communication products showing the inspiring wine-world of „C“. Because „C’est incroyable“.

2008 – Kommunikationsprogramme – Prof. Judith Grieshaber
University of Applied Sciences, Constance, Germany

Team: Anke Kohlem, Klara Milatz, Dominique Schlosser

  • Cest-le-vin-de-cazaban-sheet
  • Cazaban-Bottle
  • Cazaban-Vine-brochure-animation
  • Cazaban-Poster_Frame
  • Cazaban-Leporello