How rhetoric gives visual communication form and impression.

Design as a young discipline has the problem relating to argument in a scientific way. The lexicon of design rhetoric gives designers the opportunity to find methods for their own design process. It serves on one hand a creativity technique, on the other hand it provides the designer to argue his own design in reference to the rhetoric concept.

There are two levels, this facilitate:
„Form“ – How can rhetoric shapes in an visual way.
„Effekt“ – How can rhetoric affect the visual language.
Through these two levels there is a reference to „action“. So what can I do to give design or a means of communication a shape, and the reference to the argument.

The lexicon of design rhetoric could answer these questions since it presents rhetorical figures using a variety of design examples and so provides suggestions for practical implementation of design tasks.

2011 – Designrhetorik – Prof. Volker Friedrich
University of Applied Sciences, Constance – Germany
→ Concept-Booklet in German
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