Conception of a monument – Jan Hus and his virtues

This year, 2014, the council of constance has its 600th jubilee. A focus on this event is the dispute and the memory of Jan Hus, who was executed in Constance 1415. The target was to memory the picture of Jan Hus and his ideas.

„Das Ganze ist mehr als die Summe seiner Teile“

Human values ​​and virtues were and are in every historical epoch, as well as cultural radius, essential for the moral and ethical conscience formation and thus for human coexistence. Then, as today, there are people who stand firm for virtues such as courage, justice and education – like Jan Hus. The complexity of the issue of the human value system can be approached only from different points of view. Only from various perspectives aspects add together and so relationships can arise.

The idea to transform the values in an installation is achieved by the aspect of perspective. The virtues of Jan Hus will be processed on two levels in the installation: the former and today. This temporal distance information is transferred during the installation into space. The installation uses the perspective to illustrate this distance. There are many different perspectives on a virtue. Only from a more distant point of view, everything come together. The viewer is looking through the perspective and have to change the position to find the point of view where it all works together. Then he will see the whole picture.

There are 5 virtues places on 5 places in Constance. Additionally the main installation at the cathedral.
1 „Jan Hus, the man“ – the main installation at Münster / 2 „Jan Hus, the brave“ – installation at the habor /
3 „Jan Hus, the firm“ – installation at Schnetztor / 4 „Jan Hus, the educated“ – installation FH library /
5 „Jan Hus, the righteous“ – installation at the Court

2011 – Design und Raum – Prof. Eberhart Schlag, Prof. Gautschi
University of Applied Sciences, Constance – Germany
Team: Yulia Yanenko, Nicole Wiggenhauser, Dennis Hofmann, Anke Kohlem


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