Interactive face of a creative working space.
Because we see the world through unexpected perspectives.

Multidisciplinarity was a key aspect in the master courses at the HTWG Constance.
Together with architects we create ideas for an interdisciplinary working space and exhibition building called „LAB AD“. The facade of a building represent with its visible outer shell a huge communication medium. Designers and artists are increasingly deals with interactice and narrative scenarios in public space. One of our tasks, as architects and communication designers, is shaping our environment and embedding new perspectives in the design process. Since the facade was designed for future work and presentation space for the faculty of design, one of our goals was to reflect this task on the face of the building – in the truest sense of the word. The mirror facade can transform the look of the passerby and offers him the opportunity to discover new perspectives.

2011 – Raum & Design – Prof. Eberhart Schlag, Prof. Jo Wickert
University of Applied Sciences, Constance – Germany
Team: Anke Kohlem, Yulia Yanenko, Klara Milatz, Sebastian Beck
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